50 universal tips to be successful in business life

According to Aristotle, there is only one way out of criticism: "Do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing." Now you are ready to go!


There are three categories of fear that drive people to fear in business life:

1. Fear of failure

2. Fear of inadequacy

3. Fear of disappointing others.

In an article on Business Insider, Julie Bort; He is a former journalist who has interviewed thousands of employees and businessmen at different stages of his business life, from young to old. He says, “Good advice on business success is universal.”

Julie Bort lists 50 universal tips that will make you more successful in any business life:

1. Have a passion for your job. If your job is meaningful to you, your work life turns into fun.

2. If you don’t have passion for the job itself, have passion for your reason for doing it. Maybe you don’t like your job, your company/career, but the money you earn and the benefits your business brings to you are a need for your family. Have a passion for doing the right thing by thinking of your family.

3. If things need to change, be the one to lead the change. If you don’t like your job but can’t get away, develop skills that will allow you to get rid of it. If there is a problem in your office, be the one to solve it.

4. Start small and get that base.

5. Do the obvious first, then go hard. (Otherwise, what you do makes it seem like you are after the fruit that anyone can pick.)

6. If it is not broken, do not repair, improve.

7. What is difficult to learn is knowing when to continue and when to quit. Nobody will tell you that. At some point, you are the one who will have to make a decision.

8. The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. If the result is not good, something needs to change.

9. Nobody can do it alone.

10. Seek help. Be specific when asking. Be gracious and grateful when help comes.

11. With positive people around you, you will get positive results.

12. Embrace diversity. The best way to compensate for your own weaknesses is to create teammates with different abilities.

13. People’s life experiences are different. Two people attend the same meeting and leave with different impressions. Don’t argue about that. Take advantage of the situation.

14. You do not have to love a person to behave with respect and courtesy.

15. Do not tell anyone what needs to be done about everything and do not let anyone tell you what to do about everything.

16. No matter how much you do or how successful you are, there will always be people who have more than you.

17. Those who have less.

18. No matter how sharp you are, you cannot be more valuable than anyone else. Nobody can be worth more than you.

19. Those who spend more of their time using their talents and doing things they are good at, the more chance they are to be happy.

20. Anyone who spends on improving their weaknesses has an increased chance of being disappointed.

21. The practice is the best way to develop a new skill. Be patient with yourself while learning something new.

22. The best way to stay fit is to learn new things.

23. Learning new things means being a beginner in business. This means making mistakes.

24. The more tolerant you are with yourself in starting mistakes, the sooner you will learn new things.

25. You can never have all the resources (time, money, people, etc.) you need in the first phase of your project or company. Nobody can have all the resources they want.

26. Lack of resources is not an excuse, but grace in disguise. Be creative.

27. Creativity and innovation are talents that can be learned by trying new methods of what you do every day.

28. Take calculable risks.

29. In the early stages of your company, career, or project, you have to say “yes” to a lot of things. In the later stages, you will have to say “no”.

30. Negative “feedback” is a need. Do not automatically refuse. Take care of negative feedback to reap the fruits of the truth. After you collect the fruits, disregard the rest.

31. Talk about the critical job, not the person.

32. Think big. Dream big. (The alternative is to think small and dream small.)

33. Treat your dream as the ultimate roadmap. You don’t have to reach it right away, but the only way to reach it is to get closer to it step by step.

34. If you think big, you will hear “no” rather than “yes”. It is you, not them, who will make the decision.

35. The important thing is not how long it will take to create something simple, but how valuable and useful it will be when it occurs.

36. If there is only one secret to success, it is this: Share your plans with other people and communicate with them about developments.

37. Improve your network. Make an effort to meet and meet new people.

38. Whatever technology you create in your company, what you create is not for a product, but for people and the lives you are trying to improve.

39. No matter how successful you are, you can still fail and experience major failures.

40. Failure is not a bad thing. It’s part of the process.

41. Things can always go wrong. To make sure this doesn’t wear you down, all you have to do is be prepared.

42. Learn to say “no” to people with respect, but firmly.

43. Try to say “yes” as much as possible.

44. In order to be able to say “yes” often, the scope and limits of the work depend on your “yes”.

45. No matter how rich, famous, and successful the other person is; Remember that he is a person with dreams, dreams, and fears just like you.

46. ​​Getting what you want doesn’t mean you will be happy. Happiness is the art of being satisfied with what is owned.

47. Working with difficult characters is part of every job. If you are respectful and do your job well, you will surpass those nine out of ten.

48. Do not see yourself as a victim in one-tenth either. Do what is necessary to find a new job instead.

49. When you need to show yourself on an issue, find a manager who will support and support your project.

50. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.


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